"To improve client satisfaction levels, Consoveyo invested in a CRM project with Dynamics 365."

Nuno Felino, IT Manager Consoveyo
Nuno Felino

Customer story: Consoveyo

Consoveyo is a world-leading company specializing in automated transportation and storage systems of materials. It is owned by the Körber Group since 2015 and integrates the Logistics Systems business area of the international technology group Körber.

To improve client satisfaction levels, Consoveyo invested in the implementation of a CRM project with Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology and myPartner.

With this project, Consoveyo guaranteed the standardization of the client information management processes. The various processes are now included in a single multi-channel and multilingual platform that includes Sales and Client Support.

With CRM Dynamics 365, 45 employees comprising the Sales and Client Support teams work together to create and manage opportunities by accessing credible information.

The implementation of the CRM project supports the company’s strategy to improve client satisfaction levels. Consoveyo has been in the international market for over 30 years and has been the perfect partner in hundreds of projects.