"To centralize information, Quinta do Lago choose Dynamics 365 CRM."

Miguel Sousa, CFO Grupo Quinta do Lago
Miguel Sousa
CFO Grupo Quinta do Lago

Customer story: Quinta do Lago

It is in the Algarve “Sotavento” (Algarve Leeward) that we find the Ria Formosa, a national sanctuary for wildlife, that has on its margins one of the most sought for resorts in Europe. Famous for its golf courses, the Quinta do Lago Group presently offers its guests a vast number of services which inevitably brought, over time, new challenges to the Group’s management.

To centralize information dispersed over the various business units, Quinta do Lago choose the solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and myPartner as the integrating partner.

The CRM Dynamics 365 has been implemented in the areas of Real Estate, Guest Services, The Magnolia Hotel and Golf. This solution grants greater flexibility to the processes and also opens the way to new, truly integrated, business opportunities. 

With 645 hectares, 640 employees and responsibility for 26 brands, the Quinta do Lago Group is an example of success. Successful was also this partnership with myPartner and will certainly produce developments in the future.