"TECNIQUITEL updated ERP and implement Business Central"


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"ERA Arqueologia choose Microsoft’s CRM software, a business management tool that allowed to unite and centralize information."

Carla Ermida, ERA Arqueologia

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"With Business Central, Iberfar now has an integrated system shared between all departments (Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Logistics, Production and Warehouses) with real time information."

Luís Henriques, Iberfar

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"To centralize information, Quinta do Lago choose Dynamics 365 CRM."

Miguel Sousa, CFO Grupo Quinta do Lago

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"To improve client satisfaction levels, Consoveyo invested in a CRM project with Dynamics 365."

Nuno Felino, IT Manager Consoveyo

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"To support the marketing and sales activity, Clover choose the CRM solution Dynamics 365."

Robin Edwardes, Diretor Comercial Clover Technologies Group

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We are quite happy to work with a team of experts, the quality is great, and we strongly recommend any partner who needs extra capacity to look into myPartner's offer.
Wim Geukens | Veripark Europe

We got a recommendation to work with myPartner and luckily we got five people on board. It was really a pleasure to see them working dedicated to the project from the beginning. They were very well skilled and educated and so I can only recommend you to work with myPartner if you´re looking for any NAV resources.”
Rainer Fischer | TSO-Data

Thanks to myPartner, we have been able to speed up our time-to-market in a very effective manner but also with very, very high quality. myPartner has been a very loyal partner over the years and is very useful when it comes to product development and working together to increase our time-to-market."
Roderick Madna | K3 Business Technologies

We have partnered before with myPartner for several years already and only recently we partnered with them for the nearshore side of business. For us, working with myPartner was a very logical choice since we had partnered with them for multiple years. We know their style of work, we know their company culture, and we know their quality of work and, as such, when the moment came that we required additional development capacity we reached out to them to help us."
William Van Zweeden | Shouw Informatisering

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